Howard Kurtz: As An Old DOJ Reporter, Clinton-Lynch Meeting ‘Head-Slapping’ Bad Judgement, Law Enforcement Isn’t Supposed To Do This

On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” FNC host and Media Analyst Howard Kurtz stated that, “as an old Justice Department reporter,” the meeting between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton was “a head-slapping case of bad judgment.” And not a case of bad optics, but behavior law enforcement officials aren’t supposed to engage in.

Kurtz said, [relevant remarks begin around 6:00] “I can tell you, as an old Justice Department reporter, this is a head-slapping case of bad judgment. It’s not just about the optics. Law enforcement officials are not supposed to engage in what are called ex parte contacts with anybody who could be the subject or the target or a witness in an investigation. Bill Clinton is a charming guy, but Loretta Lynch should have kicked him off that plane. And on the question of her role, an update from the top Justice Department spokesman this afternoon to Yahoo! News, the two political appointees, says the spokesman, directly under Loretta Lynch, will review the career prosecutors’ recommendation, and though unlikely, could overrule it. So there is still a political layer here.”

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