SNL’s ‘Weekend Update’ Mocks National Anthem

In the “Weekend Update” on the season premiere of “Saturday Night Live,” co-hosts Michael Che and Colin Jost weighed in on the Colin Kaepernick national anthem protest.

According to Che, the national anthem is for “white guys,” and he would defend the national anthem if he was white.

“I can understand why white guys love the national anthem so much — because this country’s always been great for white guys,” he stated. “You absolutely should defend the national anthem. If I was white I’d always defend the national anthem.”

Che continued, “It’s just like if you’re at home, your girl’s mad at you, you want to unwind and watch the game and she walks right in front of the TV and stands there and goes, ‘We need to talk.’ You’re like, ‘Now? The game’s on.” She’s like, ‘Honey, you shot another kid!’ That’s what Kaepernick’s doing … They’re turning uniforms pink for breast cancer tomorrow, nobody’s upset about that.”

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