ESPN’s Le Batard Questions Why Obama, Other World Leaders Are Eulogizing Fidel Castro

Monday, ESPN’s Dan Le Batard reacted on his ESPN Radio show to the responses world leaders have made in regards to the death of Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro.

Le Batard, whose parents are Cuban refugees, criticized world leaders such as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and United States President Barack Obama for giving rather nice statements in the wake of Castro’s death, as well as San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s support of the dictator before his death.

Partial transcript as follows:

One of the things Castro took was hope, and as long as his regime is in charge, what it births is hopelessness, and as it regards Kaepernick, I’m not going to call that guy names. He’s got his fight. He’s not informed on all things. He could be wrong, but he’s not any more or less wrong than what the Prime Minister of Canada was just saying. Hell, Obama himself wasn’t harsh enough on what it is: a murderous killer, man. I don’t need to hear about Hitler building bridges, and I don’t need to hard about Castro and the good things he did. I just heard a bunch of world leaders celebrate the longevity of Fidel Castro…

I’m sitting here reading, just because he died, the finality of death, all of a sudden we feel the need to eulogize people, like we did with Richard Nixon, it became about free trade to China. What the hell are you doing? This guy is so much worse than Nixon. He’s got so much of the blood of my people on his hands, and his regime is still in charge. So he dies, and doesn’t end up meaning much. I mean symbolically, I guess, but how do you get your childhood and your freedom and your hope and your land back? My parents are old people now.

The only good in this that I can see is for me that it moves me that they outlived him. That they outlived him. That he didn’t get to live beyond them.

I mean, his brother is still in charge, and all of his puppet people are still in charge. And now, they have America more on their side than they did. America is hoping that capitalism bleeds in there and starts changing some things. Maybe. Also maybe not. Maybe you just line the Cuban government’s pockets with money.

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