‘Morning Joe’: There Is a Double Standard In Accepting Results of Elections From Left


On Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” co-host former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough criticized the double standard over accepting election results from Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and others on the left while a chyron reading “Double Standard On Accepting Election Result” was displayed.

Co-host Mika Brzezinski, after reporting that Clinton’s campaign has decided to participate in Wisconsin’s recount and playing Trump saying he would “accept a clear election result.” But also reserve the right to file a challenge against a “questionable” result, read op-eds and statements from Democratic officials that accused Trump of refusing to accept a “bedrock principle” of democracy, threatening the foundation of democracy, disquaifying himself from any office, showing no “appreciation for our history,” and, in the case of Clinton herself, “threatening our democracy.”

Scarborough then wondered whether those who attacked Trump would criticize Clinton in the same way. He added that this double standard is why newspapers are going out of business.

Later in the discussion, Bloomberg Politics Managing Editor Mark Halperin stated Republicans were right to be “indignant” over the recount, due to the fact that there was no evidence of any voting impropriety in the states that are being contested.

Scarborough later said that he thinks doing a recount, just to check the system, is a good idea.

NBC News Correspondent Hallie Jackson argued that there was a mixed message sent by Trump criticizing the recounts while also claiming there was widespread voter fraud, a point Scarborough and Brzezinski agreed with.

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