Chris Matthews: Why Is Trump Thinking About Hiring ‘Two-Faced Politician’ Romney?

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Hardball,” host Chris Matthews said President-elect Donald Trump considering former Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA) for the position of secretary of state was “bringing another two-faced politician.”

Partial transcript as follows:

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Jason, you’re a political guy. I respect that. I used to be one. One thing you have to judge is a person’s word. Four years ago, Mr. Trump was available with all his money— what’s his name, Mitt Romney, was available to curtsy to him,  genuflect in fact, and kiss his butt saying you’re a great guy. We’ll show the tape. and then when the campaign was out there  and Trump was fighting for his life and in big trouble, Mitt Romney dumped all over him. Really treated him like nothing and said he was almost like a disease. Now he is back kissing up to him. You’ve worked in Washington. There are a lot of people who kiss up and kick down. Not a very nice character trait. Why would Donald Trump trust Mitt Romney now that he has something to give him rather than when he didn’t? Why trust him when he has done this 360?

JASON MILLER: Thank you very much for having me on. I think one of the things this goes to is that Mr. Trump is trying to put together almost a team of rivals. Looking to pull in a number of different viewpoints and ideas as he starts to form this administration. And as the president-elect, I think one of the things where he has impressed people, he is reaching out to folks who haven’t been against him saying who are the best and the brightest? It is a technique that president-elect used, he’s used as a successful businessman over the years. And look, Governor Romney is one of four finalists that the president-elect is considering for the secretary of state position. This really shows —

MATTHEWS: You’re changing the subject. Does he trust Mitt Romney to be Mitt Romney? Which one? The one who dumps on him when he’s down or kisses up when he’s up. He can always be nice to a guy who just got elected president. But look what he looked like when he was losing. He dumped all over him. Why does Mr. Trump believe he is looking at the real Mitt Romney now? Why did you think he trust this guy who is showing at the audition? He is behaving nice. He has memorized the right things to say. It is like ‘Groundhog Day,’ saying all the right things to win the love of Donald Trump. Doesn’t he know he just wants the job? That’s why he is behaving this way.

MILLER: There is always a little political theater. In all fairness, the president-elect was critical of Governor Romney over various points. Again, as I said a moment ago, in addition to Governor Romney, there are other folks under consideration. We don’t know yet who the president-elect will choose. After these closed door meetings getting the chance to know each other, we’ll have confidence that the president-elect is going to pick right person here.

MATTHEWS: You know why I think people voted for Trump? Because no matter what he said, no matter how outrageous and how much people like me criticized it, he wasn’t one of them. He wasn’t a two faced politician. And why he’s bringing another two faced politician? This looks like he is playing ball with the team he beat.

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