FNC’s Geraldo Rivera: ‘I Am Withdrawing My Opposition to the Wall’

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” network personality Geraldo Rivera announced he was withdrawing his opposition to a border.

Rivera, who has had some heated dust-ups on O’Reilly’s show over the past decade on the issue of immigration, acknowledged that elections have consequences, therefore he doesn’t oppose the wall — despite thinking it was a waste of money.

“I’m going to shock you. I am withdrawing my opposition to the wall,” Rivera said. “No, listen, elections have consequences. This was his signature issue, and if the people want the wall, which I think is a waste of money.”

“Geraldo is down with the wall now,” O’Reilly replied. “And you know, I think you should have a piece full wall … sponsored by Geraldo. You could have your picture there.

“You’re going to have a $25-billion wall and a $25 ladder and the ladder will triumph,” Rivera added.

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