Maher: Joan Rivers Made Provocative Jokes, and She’s Considered a ‘National Treasure’ – Authoritarians Want to Police Humor

During an interview with Breitbart Editor Milo Yiannopoulos on Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher argued that authoritarians want to police comedy because when people laugh at a joke it’s because “they know it’s true.”

During a discussion during the interview about humor, Milo remarked that the reason the left wants to police humor is because authoritarians hate laughter because they can’t control it. Maher added that it’s also because when people are laughing about something “they know it’s true.”

Milo added that policing humor for racism and sexism is wrong because humor is what brings people together, instead of dividing them.

Maher agreed with this point, but does say he was bothered about jokes that single out individual people. The discussion then turned to mean things people say on the Internet, during which Maher agreed with Milo that mean words don’t hurt people.

Later on, Maher talked about the late comic Joan Rivers, who Maher stated was a “national treasure.” Maher then quoted Rivers’ jokes where she accused former First Lady Michelle Obama of being “a tranny.” And made other provocative jokes about other people, to which Maher stated that the fact that Rivers is considered a national treasure shows “the line is kind of blurred.”

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