Cuban: Instead of ‘Scaring the Hell Out of Everybody,’ Trump Should ‘Tell Us the Good Stuff’

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “The Fox News Specialists,” billionaire businessman and “Shark Tank” star Mark Cuban suggested President Donald Trump emphasize “his strengths” as opposed to “scaring the hell out of everybody.”

Cuban said, “Part of the problem is, he is scaring the hell out of everybody every day.”

He continued, “North Korea, Iran, ISIS who else Syria, I mean All of these catastrophic potential conflicts. Instead of just scaring us, I think he should really be talking about why he got voted in, his strengths, his confidence and what we can do. Tell us the good stuff. Tell us where this military is going and these are threats but here’s how we’re going to deal with it. We don’t need timelines we just need the sense that he can do it.”

“He has got to instill confidence that we can deal with whatever enemy comes along. Instead, he is saying they are at risk in Korea. We are at risk here,” he added, “If he gets the right preparation, he is one of the world’s greatest salespeople. That’s why I think he wants to sit down these meetings and do face-to-face diplomacy.”

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