Waters: AG Sessions Is a ‘Racist’ Who Believes ‘It’s His Job to Keep Minorities in Their Place’

Tuesday on the Washington Post’s “Cape Up” podcast, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a “racist.”

Waters said, “We have as our attorney general someone who is a throwback to the days of Jim Crow in the South.”

She continued, “I think that Jeff Sessions is very dangerous. I think he is a racist and I think that he absolutely believes that it’s his job to keep minorities in their place. That he come from a time and a place in his history where this was the order of the day. And I think he would go back to that given his power he has now and his influence. And so I think we have to watch him. We have to keep an eye on him and be prepared to push back when we see that he is moving in that direction. Whether we are talking about Los Angeles or we are talking about Saint Louis, or we are talking about New York. You know, we have gone through some terrible periods of time where people of color were targeted, where they had policies that would stop people. They would frisk them. They would easily handcuff them, put them in jail, shoot them, kill them, and we can’t go back. We still are not out of that period of time. We are still wrestling with trying to get justice from police departments and from juries and from courtrooms.”

When questioned, Waters added, “I think he’s a racist, I think he’s a throwback, and I don’t mind saying it, any day of the week.”

(h/t The Washington Post)

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