MSNBC Analyst on Antifa: ‘Not a Bad Label’ to Be Against Fascism, Nazism

Saturday on MSNBC, as protests were underway in Boston, MSNBC law enforcement expert Jim Cavanaugh spoke about the group Antifa and its presence, which might have led to violence.

However, Cavanaugh said the label on their positions was not a “bad” thing.

“[L]ook at this, 20,000 people,” he said. “What a statement for America that at right now are all peaceful. Now, there could be a very few black bloc or Antifa people who want to commit violence. But, you know, as far as being anti-fascist, all of America was anti-fascist in World War II. Everybody in America was anti-fascist. So that’s not a bad label to be against fascism or Nazism or neo-Nazism. But it’s how you behave out there today. And look — this is so commendable, and I think so powerful right now.

(h/t RCP Video)

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