Tucker Carlson Rips ‘Out of Touch’ Jennifer Lawrence for Linking Hurricanes to Donald Trump

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson and The Hill media reporter Joe Concha criticized actress Jennifer Lawrence’s claim that this year’s hurricane season was linked to American voters electing Donald Trump as commander-in-chief.

Transcript as follows:

CARLSON: Two massive storms in a row is pretty bad but is it divine judgment upon the United States of America for its political sins. That is the claim of actress Jennifer Lawrence who suggested the big storm are America’s penance imposed by Mother Nature for not believing in global warming. Watch this.


JENNIFER LAWRENCE, ACTRESS: It is proven through science that human activity, the climate change is due to human activity and we continue to ignore it and the only voice that we really have is through voting, so —


LAWRENCE: And we voted and it was really startling. You are watching these hurricanes now and it is really hard while especially while promoting this movie not to feel Mother Nature’s rage or wrath.


CARLSON: Joe Concha writes about media for The Hill and he joins us tonight. Joe, why is it that as people get richer and more famous, sometimes they get sillier or more out of touch? Have you noticed this?

JOE CONCHA, THE HILL MEDIA REPORTER: When you say richer, remember Jennifer Lawrence made 46 million last year. She’s worth $110 million and I don’t want to seem insensitive towards the hurricane. So, I got friends in Key West. Let me tell you a horrible story first. I had friends that lived when I was a child in New Jersey and their house got wiped out by Sandy, so they said, screw, we’re going to move to Key West. And now they just bought a house there and — so I hope everything works out okay for them. Back to Jennifer Lawrence.


CONCHA: I am not a doctor, but since everybody is playing one on TV these days lately, were playing psychiatrist.

CARLSON: I’ve noticed.

CONCHA: Yes. Let me give you my prognosis on Jennifer Lawrence. She is obviously suffering from Trump derangement syndrome or in this case, it’s an acute strain, ADTS. And this is a situation where apparently side effects are include blaming a sitting president for hurricanes hitting the U.S. mainland during the hurricane season. And you know, it’s funny. I was asked by NPR. I remember this after the election, during an interview on this.

How do you think Donald Trump won without any celebrity backing? Whatsoever. And I am thinking about it like, yes, I’m sort of like Scott Baio and Jimmy Woods, no one supported them. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton was the toast of the tinsel town. And I would believe that if you look at this situation, Jennifer Lawrence would be exhibit A, or in this case exhibit ADTS.

CARLSON: You got to kind of wonder though about the press coverage here. I mean, here you have one of the most famous actresses in the world on the eve of what looks like a catastrophe using the storm and the impending human suffering to make a really stupid political statement. You’d think like the press would jump on her, did they?

CONCHA: No, you don’t see really any coverage outside of any conservative blogs on this because again, you get passes in these situations and I think you have to have empathy for Jennifer Lawrence when you could relate to somebody and feel sorry for them. And look, we could all relate too.


CONCHA: Tucker, three million people at home flying a private jet over to London and getting over the angst of hurricanes that are no threat to you. And blaming a sitting president perhaps for bad karma for creating hurricanes and be able to talk about your job and promoting movies while getting paid seven figures. I think that’s something that we could all relate too.

CARLSON: Being a celebrity is bad for your soul. Have you noticed that? Jennifer Lawrence is not the celebrity taking politics in a weird direction though.

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