Ryan: We Already Chose Between Bush and Trump and ‘We’re With Trump’

During an interview Wednesday’s edition of Fox News Radio’s “Brian Kilmeade Show,” House Speaker Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) stated that Republicans have already made the choice between former President George W. Bush’s policies and they’re with Trump.

Kilmeade asked Ryan, “Do you have to make a choice as Republicans, either you’re going to side with President Bush and his policies — 43, of more free trade, and maybe some type of immigration compromise, or do you have to go with Donald Trump? Is it going to be a choice for Republicans, Bush or Trump?”

Ryan answered, “We already made that choice. We’re with Trump. We already made that choice. That’s a choice we made at the beginning of the year. That’s a choice we made during the campaign, which is, we merged our agendas. We ran on a joint agenda with Donald Trump. We got together with Donald Trump when he was President-Elect Trump and walked through what is it we want to accomplish in the next two years. We all agreed on that agenda. We’re processing that agenda. Again, in the House, we passed repeal and replace of Obamacare. We funded the wall already in the House. We passed rebuilding the military once. We’re on the second installment there. We passed our veterans overhaul bills. We passed repeal and replace of Dodd-Frank.”

He continued, “Now, not everything I just said is going into law. Because, again, Chuck Schumer gets to filibuster these things in the Senate, and that frustrates everybody. But that’s back to my point, Brian. Tax reform is the most singular, signature issue that people think of when they think of Republicans, when they think of Donald Trump, when they think of how is this going to help me in my life.”

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