Nicolle Wallace on Trump Endorsing Moore: The GOP’s Soul Is ‘Going, Going, Gone’

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House,” while discussing President Donald Trump endorsement of Alabama Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore, host Nicolle Wallace said the Republican Party’s soul was “going, going, gone.”

Wallace said, “We don’t want that. We would rather have a pedophile. Going, going, gone. That was the Republican party’s soul — what’s left of it — after the president gave Roy Moore his full endorsement yesterday and the RNC announced it would help fund Moore’s candidacy. Moore is accused of sexual assault.”

After playing a clip of accusers Wallace continued, “Those were the women who have accused Judge Roy Moore, Democratic Congressman John Conyers, Democratic Senator Al Franken, and President Donald Trump. All of them victims of sexual harassment and worse, but the two Democrats have retired or apologized while the Republicans involved are ascendant in today’s GOP.”

She added, “They have not responded the same way. Conyers is gone. He went to the hospital and now today has retired. Al Franken is fighting for his political life —Roy Moore is about to start his Senate career and Donald Trump is politically unshaken.”

She continued, “Their stories are all horrible. For most women who are victims of sexual assault, their lives are never the same from that moment on, so when a woman goes on to TV and describes it they are retraumatize. Donald Trump, Roy Moore, Al Franken and John Conyers have retraumatize all those women who have told their stories. And my point is Al Franken may or may not survive. Nancy Pelosi may or may not have stepped into it the first Sunday but by five days later Conyers is gone. The parties are not treating sexual abusers the same way. Roy Moore is about to win and Donald Trump is flying high.”

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