Dean: Trump Will Try to Fire Mueller Because Mueller Will Find ‘Reasons to Impeach’

On Thursday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “MTP Daily,” former DNC chair and former Vermont Governor Howard Dean stated he suspects there will be grounds to impeach President Trump once Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation and that is why Trump will try to fire Mueller.

Dean said he doesn’t think Democrats should run on impeaching the president and should “wait and see what Mueller comes up with. If there’s a reason to impeach and remove the president, then there’s a reason to impeach and remove the president. Right now, the president has terrible numbers. He’s certainly the most divisive person that’s ever held the presidency in my lifetime. That’s not enough reason to impeach him. I suspect there will be reasons to impeach him once Bob Mueller gets his investigation done, which is why I think Trump’s going to try to fire him again in the end. But it’s too early for this for this kind of talk, I think.”

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