Ben Stein: Dems Only Worry About the Deficit When the GOP Is in Power — They Don’t Worry About Obama Adding More to the Deficit Than All Other Presidents Put Together

Saturday on Fox News Channel’s “Cavuto on Business,” economist and former presidential adviser Ben Stein noted that the criticism from Democrats over the Republican tax bill for adding to the deficit was something that seemed only to be a concern when the GOP was in charge of the federal government.

“I am concerned, if I may say so, about Mrs. Pelosi’s comment about, well she didn’t make it on your air, but she’s made it a lot, about the deficit,” Stein said. “Of course, the Democrats only worry about the deficit when the Republicans are in power. They don’t worry about it when they’re in power. They don’t worry about the fact that Obama added more to the deficit than all other presidents put together.”

Stein went on to add he thought the tax legislation would be a “bonanza” for business and the economy in general.

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