Buchanan Predicts Trump ‘Will Concede’ on DACA — ‘He Will Be Charged With Amnesty’

On the inaugural broadcast of the revamped “The McLaughlin Group,” host Tom Rogan asked if President Donald Trump “will and should” agree to a deal regarding the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) immigration with congressional Democrats.

Buchanan said it was his preference Trump would not agree to such a deal, but predicted he would and that it will be portrayed as amnesty.

“My view is no,” Buchanan replied. “But I do think this — I do think Trump will agree to the deal. I don’t think he’ll get the wall. I think he’ll get a security fence and other things, protections like that. And I think the pressure from the public elsewhere on the DACA thing because it is publicly popular — I think ultimately Trump will concede on that and he will be charged with amnesty.”

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