CA AG Becerra: Trump’s Combination of Mental Instability, Mendacity, Bigotry Is ‘Lethal’

On this weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said the “bigotry” of President Donald Trump, which he based on allegations Trump used the word “shithole” to refer to Haiti, and El Salvador and African nations, combined with his “mental instability” and “mendacity” was “lethal.”

Partial transcript as follows: 

WALLACE: Just before President Trump’s shocking comments this week about immigrants from Africa and Haiti, a federal judge in California blocked his move to end DACA. Joining me now from Sacramento, Xavier Becerra, attorney general of California and a former Democratic congressional leaders who filed that lawsuit.

Mr. Attorney General, you just heard Secretary Nielsen. What’s your reaction to her defense of the president’s position in that meeting with Senator Durbin and others this week?

XAVIER BECERRA, D-CALIFORNIA ATTORNEY GENERAL: Chris, I don’t know if it’s defensible, and it’s disturbing to see so many people with such short-term memory losses and the inability to recall a conversation, important conversation that has taken place just a few days ago. Can you imagine what happens when you have a conversation about nuclear war or what we do about natural disasters and you have a room of people who can’t remember what was said just a few days ago? That’s dangerous.

WALLACE: Do you think President Trump is a racist?

BECERRA: In every respect, what he is showing us is that he is a racist.

Let me put it to you this way — mental instability, mendacity, now bigotry. Having any one of those in the White House is dangerous. Having the combination? That’s lethal.

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