Blumenthal: If Trump Removes Sessions, It Would Be ‘Evidence of Obstruction of Justice’

Thursday on CNN’s “The Situation Room,” Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) said if President Donald Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions, it would be “profoundly important evidence of obstruction of justice.”

Blumenthal said, “If the president were to remove Jeff Sessions at this point I think it would be profoundly important evidence of obstruction of justice, not an act necessarily of obstruction but clearly evidence given now the corrupt intent that he has indicated. There is a credible case against the president right now of obstruction of justice. But clearly the motive in removing Jeff Sessions has to be that he recused himself, he refuses to stop the special counsel’s investigation. The dinner meeting last night involving the deputy attorney general and the solicitor general had to be kind of a show of resolution.”

He added, “He was sending a message that everybody knows what’s going on here, and so does special counsel. These threats to fire the attorney general have clearly the intention of intimidating, not just humiliating, but threatening the attorney general. Saying to him if you’re not going to be loyal to me, just as I asked Jim Comey to be loyal to me, you are going to meet the same fate. And what they were saying back to the president was, in turn, we are sticking together. You fire one of us, and you’ll need to fire all of us. That will precipitate the kind of Saturday Night Massacre, the outrage, and the firestorm that is a constitutional conflagration that, by the way, the Senate will not tolerate.”

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