Chris Christie: Trump ‘Ill-Served’ by Staff, Including Family Members

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” former Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) said President Donald Trump was not being served well by his staff, including family members.

Christie who headed Trump’s transition team said, “The problem is the president has been ill-served, in my view, by staff over the period of the last 15 months, where they create a lot of the distractions through their infighting, their leaking and all the other things we know have been going on.”

He added, “For Jared and Ivanka and for all the other members of the family that were involved in one way or another, I think everyone has to focus on what’s best for the president. When I was working on getting him elected my focus was what’s the best thing for the candidate and president-elect. Everybody on the staff has to get back to that, from General Kelly right on down. What’s best for the president and the country? I think unfortunately because of all the infighting and leaking they’re ill serving this president. People talk about the drama he creates. I would suggest he only creates half. The other half is caused by staff killing each other. ”

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