Katy Tur: Shulkin Announcement ‘Does Feel Like a Distraction Tactic’

On Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “MTP Daily,” anchor Katy Tur reacted to President Trump’s tweeted announcement of VA Secretary David Shulkin’s departure and replacement by saying the timing is “interesting” and “does feel like a distraction tactic to me.”

Tur began by noting Shulkin’s ethics problems. NBC News National Correspondent Peter Alexander noted NBC’s reporting “that David Shulkin’s name was at the top of the president’s removal list.” Tur also had Alexander explain why the president was displeased with Shulkin.

At the end of Alexander’s report, Tur said, “You know, and it’s interesting timing because everybody has been talking about that New York Times report that said that John Dowd, the president’s former lawyer in the Mueller investigation, was asking Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn’s lawyers about whether they were interested in a presidential pardon. Certainly, a good idea to announce this, I guess, to change the subject.”

She then began the panel discussion by stating, “It does feel like a distraction tactic to me. Am I crazy?”

Former RNC Chair Michael Steele responded, “No, you’re not. No, this is totally that.”

Tur later agreed with Associated Press White House Reporter and NBC analyst Jonathan Lemire that Shulkin’s dismissal “was a matter of when, not if.” Lemire did concede the possibility that the timing of the announcement was to distract from bad news.

Tur added that Shulkin is not the only person in the Cabinet who has had ethics issues.

She concluded the segment by stating that the president “may be trying to distract us from” Stormy Daniels.

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