Albright: Trump Like Mussolini Plucking Away Democracy ‘One Feather At a Time’

Tuesday on ABC’s “The View,” former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said President Donald Trump, like WWII-era Fascist leader Benito Mussolini, is consolidating “power by plucking a chicken one feather at a time.”

While discussing her book, “Fascism: A Warning,” Albright said “one of the things that I do write about is that I think Trump is the most undemocratic president we have had in American history.”

When asked if America could become a fascist nation, Albright said, “Well, I’m worried about some of the steps that take place. The reason I wrote the book is really historical in terms of what happened in other countries. The part that I have to say freaked me out is that in looking at Mussolini and Hitler, and now what’s happened in Hungary and Turkey and Poland and Philippines and Venezuela, these people were all elected, or they were put in constitutionally. And only in the communist countries have there been revolutions to put the people in.”

She continued, “And then Mussolini had this terrific statement, which was that if you consolidate power by plucking a chicken one feather at a time, people don’t notice. And so it is that—those steps—and it’s the normalization, frankly, of the kinds of things that are going on now that made me want to do a warning.”

She added, “Part of it is an attack on the free press, a lack of respect for democratic institutions, thinking that you are above the law, using rallies and propaganda to get people excited and even moved to violence, not respecting the views of others. Those are the kinds of feathers, frankly.”

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