Joe Scarborough Defends Michelle Wolf: ‘A Comedian Did What Comedians Do’

Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough defended comedian Michelle Wolf’s controversial performance at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

Scarborough said, “Of course, all this comes when yesterday on Twitter there’s so many people that supported Donald Trump, were so shocked and stunned and deeply saddened by what happened. But as your fellow traveler said about Trumpkins, they probably should put a big mirror up in front of them and look at the person they’ve been laughing with and supporting for some time.”

He continued, “The criticism from Trump supporters is rich. I must say there were quite a few people that I’ve known and I’ve considered friends for some time that saying they were shocked and stunned and deeply saddened. And they were so shocked by the personal insults that they left early. And then they went to afterparties and had a great time there.”

He added, “But these friends of mine for 20 years certainly didn’t call me up and say, ‘Hey Joe, we’re thinking about you. So sorry he attacked your fiancé’s appearance. Hey Joe, we’re sorry that Donald Trump said you were a murderer and you had to explain to your 9-year-old boy.’ I understand it. I’m a big boy. I didn’t bitch about it at the time. But these people who were so shocked and stunned and deeply saddened that a comedian did what comedians do and yet they just apologized for Donald Trump over and over again and kept their mouths shut. What a joke.”

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