Kimmel Mocks Melania Trump’s ‘Be Best’ Campaign — ‘Is DJ Khaled Writing Slogans for the White House Now?’

Monday night on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” the host mocked first lady Melania Trump for the “Be Best,” solan of her official platform.

The first lady’s platform will combat cyberbullying, focus on well-being and fight opioid abuse.

Kimmel said, “As you know, Michelle Obama’s focus when she was first lady was on healthy eating and exercise, and Melania’s focus is on helping children, too. This is very meaningful to her—you know, her husband is a child. So this campaign to help stop bullying is a good cause. It’s something everyone can agree on, whether you’re a Republican like ‘Little’ Marco or ‘Lyin’’ Ted, or a Democrat like ‘Crooked’ Hillary or ‘Crazy’ Bernie, we all know that internet bullying is bad. So Melania has embraced it.”

He continued, “‘Be Best’ is the slogan. I think there must be a thought missing, right? There must be a word? It was either going to be ‘Be Best’ or ‘Do Goodest,’ and they went with ‘Be Best.’ There is like a space there. Is DJ Khaled writing slogans for the White House now?”

He added, “And on the same day that the first lady committed herself to helping children, her husband was proposing major cuts to the Children’s Health Insurance Program. His slogan is ‘Be Best or Be Gone.'”

(h/t Daily Beast)

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