GOP Rep Brooks: What Trump Is Doing on North Korea ‘Is a Breath of Fresh Air’

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Happening Now,” Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) praised the Trump administration’s effort on North Korea.

Brooks said he was hopeful for a forthcoming announcement of progress made on the possible meeting between President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

“I hope that the joint statement will basically initially work out the logistics of this summit,” Brooks said. “Not only the logistics but the security and the things that have to be implemented so that the leaders of North Korea and the United States of America can satisfactorily accomplish their goal. In that vein, quite frankly, what President Trump is doing is a breath of fresh air. It has been a long time since there has been this kind of reach-out to the North Korean leadership, and if that is successful, then who knows, peace may break out on the Korean peninsula. That would be great for that region of the world, and it would also be great for the United States of America.”

Brooks said one of the aims of any agreement should be to end the Korean conflict formally but warned against the possibility of just an executive order that could only stand the term of a presidency.

“Well, if it’s an executive-type of agreement as President Obama had with Iran, that agreement is only good for the term of the presidency,” Brooks added. “And, so if it’s that kind of agreement I can understand the hesitancy of the North Korean leadership. On the other hand, if we actually do something bold like have a treaty that ends the Korean conflict — which is still technically ongoing, we have a cease-fire, not a treaty that puts a permanent end to it— and that treaty is ratified in the United States Senate, that binds the United States of America as a country and as a government to adhere to the terms. And, I hope that if we’re able to put into place a treaty with North Korea—preferably also including South Korea — that we will achieve one of three major goals. One is the denuclearization of North Korea, another one is peace between South and North Korea— preferably long-term some kind of mutual agreement where those two people can reunite as one family again— and then finally, us in America having enough confidence in peace that we can bring our soldiers home.”

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