Actress Mira Sorvino: Trump Era Is Like ‘Pre-Nazi Germany’ — ‘Eerie Echoes of the Concentration Camps’

Sunday on MSNBC actress Mira Sorvino said President Donald Trump’s immigration policies make her feel like we are in “pre-Nazi Germany.”

Sorvino said, “I feel we are in pre-Nazi Germany, stages of things occurring on a daily basis, the obfuscation the lies the totalitarian behavior is shocking and horrendous. We have to be vigilant.”

She continued, “These parents were told their children would be taken to be cleaned up, to go take a bath or shower. Doesn’t that have eerie echoes of the concentration camps in Germany when people were told all they needed to do was go into the showers, clean up? Some of the parents may never see their children again.”

She added, “You can’t separate families and kind of, ‘Well, go here, go there,.’ We don’t know what happened to them. You have to know what happened to them. These people are in our care now. We are a humane society. Trump is acting like we are not. Trump is acting like our ethos is bitter, brutal, cruel. That’s not who we are as Americans. I say resist. We have to vote them out.”

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