CNN’s Stelter: Trump’s ‘Fan Base’ Believes ‘Truth Isn’t Truth Anymore’

Monday on CNN the host of “Reliable Sources,” Brian Stelter said President Donald Trump’s “fan base” did not believe the truth was “truth anymore.”

Stelter was discussing Rudy Giuliani, a member of President Donald Trump’s legal team saying “truth isn’t truth,” on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Sunday.

Stelter said, “Truth is not on the president’s side. Truth is not on Rudy’s side. All they can do is create confusion and try to create alternative facts. If we go back to inauguration weekend: alternative facts. The end of the road is truth isn’t truth. That’s the plan. That’s the strategy. to the extent, there’s a strategy at all.”

He continued, “Does Trump earn the benefit of the doubt at this point? Does Rudy Giuliani earn the benefit of the doubt at this point? I wrote a story for The New York Times eight years ago about Rudy going on TV and lying. He has been lying all along, as the president’s lawyer, and the president’s been lying ever since he took the oath of office. Do these men have credibility left?”

He added, “He is speaking to the base. Speaking is the base is working. For the president’s fan base truth isn’t truth anymore.”

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