GOP Sen Kennedy: Trump’s Rhetoric ‘Has Been Hot’ – Both Sides Have Had Hot Rhetoric

On Wednesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Cuomo Primetime,” Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) stated President Trump’s rhetoric “has been hot. There’s been a lot of hot political rhetoric, frankly, on both sides.”

Kennedy began by saying, “I’m just sorry this happened. I’m sorry for the Clintons. I’m sorry for the Obamas. I’m sorry for Mr. Soros and Mr. Brennan. I’m sorry for CNN. I’m sorry for America.”

Kennedy continued that no one knows why the bomb scare happened and there are people with mental illnesses and others who are angry. Kennedy further argued that “the genesis of a lot of the political anger in our country is that we have too many Americans who aren’t participating in the great wealth of this country, not economically, not socially, not culturally.”

Kennedy further stated, “The president’s rhetoric has been hot. There’s been a lot of hot political rhetoric, frankly, on both sides. Thankfully, nobody was hurt today. I remember when Steve Scalise was almost killed, and you do too, Chris. I think all politicians bear some responsibility, but not so much — but not exclusively because of their rhetoric. Because we’re not solving the problem. And to me, the genesis of the anger in America, I’m going to say it again, there are too many Americans that — they’re angry over the same thing. They’re mad at different groups, but they’re not participating in the great wealth of this country.”

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