Gaetz to Cuomo on Trump Bomb Scare Reax: ‘Nothing the President Could Have Said That Would Have Been Enough’ for the Media

Thursday on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time,” Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) took on host Chris Cuomo over President Donald Trump has reacted to the bomb scare plaguing various high-profile media and Democratic politicians around the country.

Cuomo argued that Trump’s response left much to be desired, to which Gaetz argued nothing Trump could have done would have been sufficient in the eyes of the media.

Partial transcript as follows:

CUOMO: Why couldn’t he say any of those things in a moment like that, it came to you instinctively, Matt, as a young leader —

GAETZ: Well —

CUOMO: — I’m going to say I’m sorry for these people, it shouldn’t happen. He couldn’t. Why not?

GAETZ: I think that there’s nothing the president could have said that would have been enough.

CUOMO: He could have said that.

GAETZ: Look, I think he did in his own way.

CUOMO: No, not in his own way, Matt. The people who were targeted were targeted.

GAETZ: What does that matter, Chris?


CUOMO: It matters a lot when the bomb gets sent to you. It means a lot to hear the president say, CNN or Eric Holder or Presidents Obama or Clinton, I got your back. We may disagree, I may not like what you say, in fact I don’t. Anybody that does this to you, they have to deal with me.

And I know I have pitched it up to a level that is too much for people, I’ll think about that. And all of you should, the media, the left, we all should.

How hard was that?

GAETZ: Well, I think that thematically that was the message he delivered.

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