April Ryan: When Trump Say He’s a ‘Nationalist,’ He Means ‘White Nationalist’

Monday on CNN’s “Wolf,” American Urban Radio Network’s White House correspondent and network contributor April Ryan said when President Donald Trump called himself a nationalist, he really means he is a white nationalist.

While discussing the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh that resulted in the killing of 11 people, Ryan said, “As someone who is a target of the president’s hate, what I can tell you is that this is reckless and it’s not responsible from someone who is stirring a cauldron of hate. You see the fumes landing in so many different places. We saw this, what happened in Pittsburgh before, a couple of years ago at Mother Emmanuel Church. It’s a sad day when people are gathering in their house of worship, moralistically and lovingly trying to worship their god and being shot down because of a call, a code, a dog whistle.”

She continued, “How do you marry the situation with the president last week saying he is a nationalist? All you have to do is say white nationalist to that. We have seen this before what happened with the bombs. We saw the Kroger in Kentucky. A white man shot and killed two black people.”

She added, “You see what happened with these bombings, a call to action of sorts. Now, this. It’s not going to stop until this president stops these menacing tweets. These tweets are a menace to society.”

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