Pelosi: We Cannot Accept a ‘Slush Fund for the President to Implement His Very Wrong Immigration Policies’

Tuesday House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told reporters she would not accept the White House’s proposal to avoid a government shut down.

Pelosi said, “What Senator Schumer and I, Leader Schumer and I have said that we cannot accept the offer they made of a billion dollar slush fund for the president to implement his very wrong immigration policies. So that won’t happen.”

She added, “We have said before very clearly that we could possibly come together around a CR for all seven bills. Better than that, six bills that have already passed the Senate committees and one bill that is CR for Homeland Security. So six and one or all seven under a CR.”

When asked if the White House is “backing off”, Pelosi said, “Yes, but the $6 billion as a slush fund in addition to the money that would be in the bill this year is not acceptable.”

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