CNN’s Acosta: Mattis Departure Raises the Question as to ‘Whether the Wheels Are on’ at the White House

Thursday on CNN, network chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta said the resignation of Defense Secretary James Mattis raised questions about the stability of President Donald Trump’s administration.

Acosta said, “Now the president, you know, puts out this tweet saying that his defense secretary is stepping down in February, and, Wolf, all of this goes back to this criticism that we hear from both sides of the aisle which is when the president makes some of these very important decisions, like withdrawing troops from Syria, like the retirement, or it looks like forced resignation, of his defense secretary, he does it on Twitter when everybody is caught off guard.”

He added, “It just raises the question as to whether or not the president is—whether the wheels are on over here at the White House or whether he’s just sort of doing this in kind of a scattershot approach to try to draw people’s attention away from parts of the news cycle that just aren’t going his way. A couple of hours ago he was talking about, ‘well, maybe we won’t shut down the government if we get steel slats at the border,’ when we really haven’t had a conversation about that at all.”

(h/t Grabien)

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