Dem Rep. Cohen: Trump Has ‘Given Up On the Idea of Being Re-Elected’

On Friday’s “MSNBC Live,” Representative Steve Cohen (D-TN) stated that he believes President Trump has “given up on the idea of being re-elected” and is simply trying to keep his base to keep Senate Republicans from voting to convict him.

Cohen began by discussing the impeachment articles he previously filed. He stated that in order for Trump to be impeached and convicted, Republicans in the Senate would have to support impeachment, and that would require the Republican base to support impeachment.

Host Katy Tur then asked what happens if the GOP base doesn’t come out in support of impeachment.

Cohen answered, “Well, if they don’t, then Trump will probably continue on and finish his term. And I think that’s all he’s looking at right now. I think he’s given up on the idea of being re-elected. He’s hunkered down and keeping his base.”

Tur then pushed back by saying the Trump campaign keeps sending out emails talking about people they’ve hired.

Cohen responded, “Well, they may be doing it to raise money and spend it at Trump hotels. This is a very unusual man and presidency. He is hunkered down to keeping his base to keep the Senate Republicans on his team. He foresees, I think, impeachment coming. Because he knows, and Mueller knows, what he did, and that scares the heck out of Trump.”

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