Dennis Prager on Green New Deal: Leftists Need a ‘Crusade,’ ‘Cause’ to Have Purpose

On his Friday radio show, talker Dennis Prager offered his theory on the motivation behind the Democratic Party’s push for a Green New Deal, an effort spearheaded by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

Prager argued the Green New Deal was an example of those behind the cause needing a “purpose,” which he labeled as “leftists.”

“The vast majority of torture and mayhem of the 20th century was done in the name of equality,” Prager said. “It started in the French Revolution, which immediately descended into slaughtering human beings. It is a very, very scary vision, OK, just know that. It sounds great, that’s why it’s so dangerous. Racism doesn’t sound great, for good reason. It’s disgusting.”

“The pursuit of equality will lead to bloodshed, loss of liberty, loss of human rights, and the Green New Deal is an example,” he continued. “The death that will ensue in the United States of America, the mayhem, the suffering, if the government takes over all health — the problem is these people need a cause, that’s what it is. There is a soullessness to the Elizabeth Warrens of the world. They need meaning. They need a crusade. They can’t leave well enough alone. That’s a big part of leftism. This country is too free, too kind, too affluent. They need to screw it up. If they screw it up, they have purpose.”

Prager made a distinction between leftists and liberals.

“Liberals are not leftists, but liberals are naive and weak because they don’t confront the evil that leftism will bring about,” Prager added. “That they mean well is of such little consequence — do you know how much evil has been done by people who think they’re good? Nearly all of it. OK? Just want you to know.”

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