Flashback 2015: Mark Levin Warned of ‘Degrowth Movement’ Aspects in Current Green New Deal Push

Back in 2015 on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Mark Levin warned that what some were calling the environmental movement was nothing more than a “degrowth” movement, which apparently has much larger aims than curing environmental ails.

Levin noted that the origins of the movement come out of Europe and it had a following of prominent figures on the left, including now-former President Barack Obama.

“In the last 15 year, many of the tenets of utopian statism have coalesced around something called the ‘degrowth movement,'” he said. “It is called the degrowth movement in Europe. It originates in Europe but is now taking a firm hold in the United States. The ‘degrowthers,’ that is what I call them, the ‘degrowthers,’ and like other words I’ve used in the past, it’ll be picked up. But that’s OK. The degrowthers include in their ranks none other than Barack Obama.”

The conservative talker pointed to aspects of the movement, which are in some forms parts of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) “Green New Deal.”

“I am telling you, this environmental movement is a communist movement, and I’ve been saying it for years,” he continued. “Now what I have done is dug much deeper into this degrowth movement, which we have imported to the United States. All of this: class warfare, immigration, race-based attacks — all of it actually circles around this degrowth movement, which is an attack on a developed nation, our nation. You might have well had a cover on it calling it the ‘Communist Manifesto.'”

“So the Reds have taken over the environmental movement,” Levin later concluded. “That’s what so-called climate change and global warming are all about.”

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