Maher: Social Justice Warriors ‘a Cancer on Progressivism’ — ‘Just Want to Bitch’

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher slammed so-called social justice warriors, calling them a cancer on progressivism.

Maher questioned that their motivations were pure and suggested much of what they do in terms of activism is done out of drawing attention to themselves.

“[I] think there is, I would say, a cancer on progressivism with some of the social justice warriors,” Maher said to Commentary’s Noah Rothman. “I don’t think they’re interested in justice. I don’t think they’re interested in truth. I think they’re interested in clicks. I think they’re interested in things that make me people click and when I read them, it makes me glad I didn’t have kids who would see this. ”

“These people just want to bitch,” Maher added.

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