Dem Sen. Coons: ‘Detestable’ Trump ‘Should Apologize’ for His Attacks on McCain

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) said President Donald Trump should apologize for his continuing attacks on late Sen. John McCain (R-AZ).

Stephanopoulos, asked, “The president tweeting this morning, the second time in a couple of days of attacks on your former colleague John McCain, the late Senator John McCain, this morning tweet suggesting that McCain turned over the Steele dossier to the FBI before the election. As far as we can tell that is not true. It wasn’t turned over by McCain until December, and for the second time, President Trump continues to go after Senator McCain. Your reaction?”

Coons said, “I have long thought that his personal and direct attacks on Senator McCain was one of the most detestable things about President Trump’s conduct as a candidate. Senator McCain conveyed that report out of a sense of duty. And he is someone he lived his entire life for the sense of honor and duty to our country. I frankly think the president’s continued attacks on now late Senator John McCain is something that is regrettable and he should apologize.”

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