Ted Cruz on House Dems: They ‘Fully Intend’ to Impeach Trump — ‘They Don’t Care About the Evidence’

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said House Democrats “fully intend” to impeach President Donald Trump.

Cruz said, “If anyone thinks that the Mueller report being concluded is the end of the Democrats’ attempt to take down President Trump, they haven’t been paying attention the last two years.”

He continued, “You can already see the Democrats pivoting away saying, okay, we need to do other investigations. It’s got to be someone else, the Southern District of New York, its got to be the New York attorney general, it’s going to be Congress.”

Cruz said, “You asked Congressman Nadler whether the House is going to impeach the president. I’ll answer that for you. Yes. They fully intend to impeach the president, and they don’t care about the basis. Twice Congressman Nadler said something remarkable. He said, listen, the special counsel is focused on crimes. We’re not all that concerned with crimes. Our focus, this is Democrats in the House, is much broader than crimes. What they are basically saying is they are going to impeach the president for being Donald Trump. And they don’t care about the evidence.”

He added, “My point is, the extreme left in the Democratic Party, they have so much anger and hatred directed at the president that we’ll see the Democrats moving forward with impeachment whatever the evidence.”

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