Navarro: ‘Cheapening the #MeToo Movement’ by Comparing Biden Accusations to Trump, Weinstein, Kavanaugh, Clinton

During Monday’s “New Day” on CNN, network contributor Ana Navarro weighed in former Nevada lawmaker Lucy Flores’ accusations that former Vice President Joe Biden inappropriately touched and kissed her in 2014.

Navarro cautioned against discussing what Flores has accused Biden of doing in the “same breath” as Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein, Brett Kavanaugh and Bill Clinton because the potential 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful is a “decent human being” who has done a lot for women.

“I really don’t like this entire discussion surrounding Joe Biden, and I’ll tell you why,” Navarro stated. “I think that when we make such hay about things that were not intentionally perverse. This was not sexual harassment — Lucy Flores says so herself. She said he violated her personal space, that’s how she felt.”

She continued, “But when we somehow … talk about this in the same breath that we talk about Donald Trump or that we talk about Harvey Weinstein or that we talk about Brett Kavanaugh or even Bill Clinton, what happens is that I think we are cheapening the #MeToo movement. We are doing harm to the #MeToo movement. We are questioning people who are decent people.”

Navarro admitted Biden’s behavior was “inappropriate” and advised Biden to only touch his wife, Jill.

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