MSNBC’s Geist: Fox News’ Hannity Has a ‘Complete Lack of Shame’

Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” co-host Willie Geist criticized Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity for his comments about Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) reportedly saying she wanted to see President Donald Trump in prison.

In a clip from his Thursday night show, Hannity said, “Even impeaching Trump is not enough. Now he is says he is would like to see Trump behind bars. Based on no actual crime he is wants a political opponent locked up? That happens in banana republics Beyond despicable behavior. They would turn the USA into a country we would no longer recognize.”

Geist said, “The irony meter is like one of those at Chernobyl, when they were walking in it was going off of the charts.”

He added, “You have to almost stand in awe at the complete lack of shame to say this is a banana republic move, to say somebody should be in jail after what the President called for for three years.”

Donny Deutsch said, “Sean Hannity is personally actually a nice guy. It’s performance art. It’s literally what it is. You know, on that stuff you can’t let your hair go on fire because it is so absurd and it’s ridiculous. I think Fox News in so many ways fueled the anchors there. It is theater, it’s not even news anymore.”

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