MSNBC’s Mitchell: John Dean Appearance Before House Judiciary Committee Is ‘Theater’

Monday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” host Andrea Mitchell called former Richard Nixon White House counsel John Dean’s appearance before the House Judiciary Committee regarding special counsel Robert Mueller’s report “theater.”

Mitchell said, “What can John Dean actually provide? Because the circumstances are different. The law is different in terms of the special prosecutor back then and the independent counsel now, one works for the Justice Department back then it was slightly different.”

Former Obama administration Elliot Williams said, “It highlights and brings attention to the wrongdoing and the predicate that the committee is hoping to lay for the investigation —”

Mitchell interjected, “This is theater.”

Williams said, “To some extent it is theater. Look, he is not a fact witness. He is not a witness that can testify. He can talk about what is in the Mueller report. He didn’t write it and gather the evidence and so on. To some extent, his testimony is a little bit limited.”

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