GOP Rep. Turner: Cotton’s Call for Retaliatory Military Strike on Iran ‘Incredibly Premature’

Representative Mike Turner (R-OH) on Tuesday reacted to Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) calling for a retaliatory military strike against Iran over last week’s attacks on oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman.

Turner said on CNN’s “New Day” it is “incredibly premature” to call for a military strike, although he does believe something needs to be done to address the escalation of hostility from Iran.

“I think that’s incredibly premature,” Turner stated. “I think what we definitely see is an increase of hostile actions by Iran, and we already know in the area Iran has been very active through proxies and through, you know, destabilizing actions. … There have been ongoing tensions that need to be addressed. I think if you look at the escalation of hostilities from Iran, then we need to have a measured response, but Iran needs to know that we will protect our allies.”

“The actions of Iran need to be deterred, and they need to be deterred of course short of military action, and that’s certainly what we’re seeing from the administration,” he later added.

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