George Will: Most Americans Are ‘Sad and Embarrassed and Exhausted’ by Trump

Friday on ABC’s “The View,” Washington Post columnist George Will argued that “most Americans” were sad, embarrassed and exhausted by President Donald Trump.

Co-host Meghan McCain said, “You have warned Democrats that they must practice modesty in order to beat Trump. I say the same thing all the time. You say they’re making it easy to vote for Trump. What do you think Democrats are doing wrong?”

Will said, “They think the country is angry. I don’t think Americans are angry. I think those who watch certain cable channels are angry, but that’s a small slice of the country. I think most Americans are sad and embarrassed and exhausted.”

He added, “They’re sad because they’re embarrassed and they’re exhausted because of the constant embarrassment that is inflicted on them by a president that never sleeps. The American people don’t want transformation. They want restoration. They can get the transformation later, but they would like a period of normality.”

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