Buttigieg: GOP ‘Enabling’ All of Trump’s Wrongdoing ‘Because They Are Afraid’

Appearing Wednesday on CNN’s “New Day,” South Bend, IN Mayor Pete Buttigieg stood by his remarks made the night before during the Democratic debate where he warned GOP lawmakers about “supporting” President Donald Trump’s “naked racism.”

Buttigieg during his CNN appearance charged the Republican Party with “enabling” the president’s “naked racism” and “wrongdoing” by supporting it or remaining silent.

“Are you suggesting that Republicans in Congress, around the country are enabling racism?” host John Berman asked.

“Absolutely,” Buttigieg replied. “[Republicans are] enabling all of the wrongdoing that this president has brought with him from inaction on Russian interference to naked racism.”

He continued, “Now, you see racism eminating from the White House, and Republicans are either supportive or they are silent. And the thing that’s really important to understand right now is they know better. Deep down — it’s one thing when we have a good faith disagreement over what the right thing to do is. When it comes to this president, they know better. He is betraying, not just my values, but his own party’s values. They know it. They are silent because they are afraid.”

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