Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson: There’s a ‘Sense’ Joe Biden Could ‘Falter’

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson commented on the 2020 Democratic field of candidates during a segment showing candidates cautioning voters against playing it “safe.”

Robinson said although Democrats are “comfortable” with frontrunner and Joe Biden, there is a “sense he could falter” and the party does not have an answer at this point on who would be next in line.

“So, you listen to all those candidates, and they would all tell you, ‘It’s early. It’s still early,'” Robinson told host Chuck Todd. ” You know, by … standards of our elections, it’s not actually that early. But this time it is because Joe Biden is the clear frontrunner, and people have questions about him. He hasn’t really made the sale with enough of the party I think.”

He continued, “Everybody’s comfortable with Joe Biden, but they have questions about, you know, about his ability going forward. He still sort of leads on the electability question — very important to Democrats. But, I think there’s a sense that he could falter and then someone else would have to rise. And we don’t know who that is at this point.”

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