Herman Cain: Joe Walsh Presidential Run for Publicity

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “The Ingraham Angle,” radio talker and 2012 Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain dismissed the seriousness of former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) presidential bid by calling a stunt for publicity.

“They will glom on to anybody that’s willing to cast dispersions on Donald Trump,” Cain said. “I will sum up this Joe Walsh, not the one from The Eagles — the one who wants to challenge Trump in one word, ‘publicity.’ ‘The Squad,’ AOC and all of these are the liberal – I’m sorry, lunatics, the more outrageous things that they say, the more likely they are to be on TV. So when Joe Walsh comes along, and he’s going to challenge Trump, the Liberals are going yay, we got somebody else that we can put in front of the camera. It’s for publicity. His own self-publicity, because he has seen this work for ‘The Squad,’ AOC and others.

“The more outrageous – the more outrageous, the more likely they are to get the publicity,” he added.

Cain also reacted to Washington Post columnist’s Jennifer Rubin’s remarks calling on the GOP to be burnt down and remade.

“You’re not going to burned down a 164 million Republican voters, OK,” he said. “You’re simply not – or people who support Donald Trump. That lady’s delusional that you showed earlier. She’s absolutely delusional. And see, she talks about playing nice. Well, Republicans have tried to play nice. They’re the ones that aren’t playing nice with that kind of rhetoric. And all that rhetoric does is to ensure that they get on TV, or if somebody writes an article that quotes them or something like that.”

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