MSNBC’s Byers: Why Are CNN, Jake Tapper ‘so Fixated’ on Sharpie-Gate?

NBC and MSNBC senior media reporter Dylan Byers took aim Friday at CNN’s Jake Tapper for his “fixation” on Sharpie-Gate in the wake of Hurricane Dorian hitting the country’s southeastern coast.

Byers questioned on “MSNBC Live” why the media would be so fixated on a story about President Donald Trump’s misinformation about the hurricane’s path instead of the “kitchen table issues” that Americans would rather read about.

“The vast majority of Americans are probably wondering, yes, why is the president so fixated, but at the same time why is the media so fixated on this?” Byers outlined. “I swear, I go to, and I see one of their foremost journalists, Jake Tapper, and he’s writing the lead story on the website about how Trump invited a Fox News journalist into the White House to convince him of this. And not to sound like a politician, but there are kitchen table issues that so many more Americans want to read about.”

“How much are we participating in a feedback loop?” he asked.

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