Bernstein: GOP Senators ‘Deeply Disturbed’ Trump Might Be Serving Interests of Putin

On Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin,” network political analyst Carl Bernstein said he has spoken to “quite a few” Republican Senators who are concerned President Donald Trump might be serving the “interest of Russia and Vladimir Putin.”

Bernstein said, “I don’t think there is any question, as we have seen throughout the Mueller investigation, and the idea that there is no collusion as the president claims, that is not necessarily the case. What we have seen through these impeachment investigations is what has so many Republican senators—and I talked to a few, quite a few and so have other reporters, they are deeply disturbed at what they have learned again about the president of the United States’ willingness to serve the interest of Russia and Vladimir Putin. Throughout the Ukrainian adventure, his dealings with Ukraine.”

He continued, “Here is Ukraine, the only country that has been directly attacked aside from Georgia by Soviet forces or proxies, in this case, this is a real war in which 13,000 I believe? Thirteen thousand have died. The borders of Europe after world war ii have been immutable until the Russian aggression. And when we have a president in the United States who not only has excused it but has sat by passively and gone along with what Putin has wanted him to do. So the larger question of Trump’s obeisance as we saw in Helsinki, the great mystery is why does he continue to do Vladimir Putin’s bidding? As we saw most recently by the invasion of Turkey and Syria, shoving the Kurds into mortal danger and ending the role of the Kurds that have been so crucial to the security of what we were speaking to aspire in Syria.”

He added, “The question is, and senators are asking this, is this president witting, unwitting or half witting about his going along with and serving — let’s make no bones about it — he has served the interest of Vladimir Putin. Part of what this impeachment investigation is about, is we see now how he has continued to serve the interest of Putin in the most important hotspot in the world in which the Russians are involved, and we have a role to play that he seems unwilling to play.”

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