Abby Huntsman: ‘Abhorrent’ Trump ‘Represents the Opposite’ of a Human Being

On Monday’s broadcast of ABC’s “The View,” co-host Abby Huntsman said President Donald Trump “represents the opposite of what we are taught to be as human beings.”

Huntsman said, “Where you lose people — where the Republicans have lost me, is where you don’t even acknowledge that something bad happened. Here is where I am, and I think there are other people here as well. I find what he did abhorrent. I find what he does on a daily basis abhorrent. I still thing we need more on grounds for impeachment, more than abuse of power. I think you need to prove something illegal was done.”

She added, “What I have a pit in my stomach every day about this president, is he represents the opposite of what we are taught to be as human beings. You lie, you get away with it. You cheat, you get away with it. You bully people, you get away with it. This is what I continue to struggle with. I want it to be on the American people. I think at this point the American people need to look in the mirror and say, what do we want representing us? You need to vote on that nest election.”

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