NBC’s Todd: Trump Facing ‘Uphill Battle’ to Win Reelection Because of Character

On Wednesday’s broadcast of NBC’s “Today,” moderator of “Meet the Press,” Chuck Todd said he believed President Donald Trump wasfacing a “very uphill battle” to reelection in 2020 due to “personal character” issues.

When asked about Trump’s reelection strategy, Todd said, “It’s pretty simple campaign strategy; gin up the base and try to scare independents from the Democratic nominee.”

He continued, “Let’s say they end up with a liberal nominee like Elizabeth Warren, that will be the focus. Let’s say they end up with a less liberal nominee like a Buttigieg or Biden. Then it will be — look at those other progressive Democrats. They are dragging the Democratic Party to socialism or something like that.”

He added, “We know what the strategy is. It doesn’t matter who the nominee is. It is a strategy that depends on a middle of the electorate overlooking the president’s personal character and somehow getting him to reelection. I think it’s a very uphill battle for him.”

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