Meacham: Biden Win Shows Voters Are Tired of Trump’s ‘High-Speed Chase’ Running off the Road

Historian Jon Meacham said on NBC’s Super Tuesday coverage that former Vice President Joe Biden’s ten-state victory in the Democratic presidential primary shows the majority of the country wants to return to “normalcy” and away from President Donald Trump’s “high-speed chase often running off the road.”

Meacham said, “Well, remember what William Goldman once said about Hollywood, ‘Nobody knows anything.’ That is an essential truth. It is almost Aristotelian in the power. I think that this is a big night for normalcy. That is maybe not sexy, and it may not fill as many arenas as either than the incumbent president or Senator Sanders, but it is an interesting data point in terms of —for a country that for five years now, really since Trump entered the presidential race in 2015 has been on this high-speed chase often running off the road.”

He continued, “Whatever Vice President Biden’s vices are, however convention it seems, his performance over the past couple of days suggests that there is a desire in the country, and not just in the Democratic party, I think that it is a broader message than that, a desire to tap the brakes and try to get our bearings again.”

He added, “I think that enough of us believe in the institutions of government and in the conventions that have governed our politics that we are not quite ready to veer from extreme to extreme.”

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